Keep your expectations low and you’ll never be disappointed.

That phrase has always bothered me. It’s so cynical! But there is one case where that statement holds true: Turnips. Turnips are disgusting. All summer, Brad and I have been trying to make them edible and we just can’t. Last night, in a last-ditch effort, we made a turnip gratin. I mean, what’s not good covered in cream, garlic, and cheese?? Turnips. Even the gratin trifecta couldn’t save them.

Here’s the thing: Turnips look like potatoes and turnip gratin looks like potato gratin, but if you can get it into your head before you take a bite that this will not be as good as potatoes, it’s not too bad and you won’t be disappointed. Which isn’t saying much.

Dinner last night: Turnip Gratin (the recipe is here if you want to try it. It looks good, right? We didn’t add any pancetta) and Beet and Apple Salad (very good).

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