Dear Downtown Public Library,
I loved your kooky curated displays. Nuns in Literature? I’d read those if I had a library card for your fab establishment. Can I make some suggestions for future collections? Books with the Best One-Liners, Cake in Literature, and Most Likely to Be Adapted into a Movie Starring Anne Hathaway.
Stay in the word,

Dear Man in the Wheelchair Who Yelled at Me Twice While I Ran Around Centennial Park,
I’m sorry I didn’t say good morning back. I’m shy and even though you were in a wheelchair, I sort of felt like you could overtake me. A girl can’t be too careful.
Safety first,

Dear Parthenon,
What are you doing here? Besides looking really cool.
Stand tall,

Dear Hatch Show Print,
Please start selling that really cool poster of a Dolly Parton concert you have on your wall. My sister loved the one we bought, but I think that one is cooler and Christmas will be here before we know it.
Feeling generous,

Dear Natchez Trace State Forest,
Could you have made the drive into Nashville any more gorgeous? No, you could not have.
Stay true to your roots (hee hee),

Dear Shanna,
I love everything about you. Your cute house, your open and eager spirit, the way you make macaroons, the way you couldn’t finish The Kite Runner either… Talking with you was a lesson in being intentional about my every moment and mindful of the gracious progress we’re granted. Come visit me; it can’t be too soon.
Thanks for letting me cry in your kitchen,

Dear Tim,
If I try to say anything meaningful about how your help has changed our lives (really), I’ll start to cry (really). So instead I’ll just say I can’t tell you how relieved I am that you eat ice cream (really).
Veggies 4 Life,

Dear Terry and Carrie,
I’ve never met two people who were more welcoming and loving from the moment they saw me. Except maybe my parents. You two are inspiring, encouraging, strengthening, and so much fun! I just want to soak in your awesomeness again and again. Is that weird? I hope not.
Don’t stop believin’,

Dear Nashville,
I hope this wasn’t just a fling.
With great devotion,

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