I have a confession to make: I don’t use soap in the shower. I haven’t for years. Please don’t be grossed out, I promise I’m hygienic (and I promise I use soap after a workout). It’s just that I’ve always had really sensitive skin and soap at its most benign makes my skin dryer than the Mojave Desert.

But today is a new day! Today is the day I admit that in the last month alone I’ve had the trifecta of bacterial, fungal, and viral infections on my skin. (I told you–sensitive. Also–disgusting.) So that means today is also the day I tentatively dip my apparently not-quite-clean-enough toe back into the world of body wash. I’m starting out with Tom’s of Maine Moisturizing Body Wash because it only has a 1 rating in the Cosmetics Database and because it’s the one Brad uses, so it’s already in the house.

Do any of you use a natural body wash or oils? I’d love your advice (and your entire supply of hydrocortisone cream, if it’s not too much to ask).

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