Do you see this? This is the body of Christ. I know it looks like a bunch of drawings hung with painters’ tape on our wall (so fancy), but it’s so much more.

A dear friend at work asked me for an update on Brad’s condition and it all just spilled out. I told her how scared I was, how tired I was, and how hungry I was for Brad’s healing. She called her mom, a prayer warrior in Jackson, Mississippi, and a few days later a package came in the mail. Inside was a stack of drawings and a card that explained: When my coworker’s mom heard about Brad, she immediately began praying for him. She’s a Sunday school teacher at First Presbyterian Church in Jackson, and she told her students about Brad and asked them to draw pictures with notes on them for him. And look!

After sobbing (I’m such a champ sobber), I immediately taped them all up on the wall outside our bedroom so we could see them every time we walked by. What a blessing.

You know what else is the body of Christ? Strangers like Shannalee (and Tim), Alison, TJ, and so many others praying for us. These people amaze me.

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